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For the past 23 years, Cursor Control Inc. has been the choice of government agencies and organizations seeking a robust and stable Community Development Management (CDM) software solution. CDM is designed to manage community development, construction projects, housing rehabilitation, weatherization programs, affordable housing development, provide asset building services to tenants and much more.
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What is CDM?

Community Development Manager (CDM) is an easy-to-use software application that manages all aspects of community development activities.  It specializes in managing grant and other funded projects, housing rehabilitation loan programs, weatherization programs, new construction projects or any other community development project.  Whether you’re an entitlement or non-entitlement city, county or state agency, a Housing Authority, a non-profit Community Development Corporation, etc., CDM is a necessary tool that can help you track your program activity and demonstrate both internal and external accountability to management and grantors so that your programs and mission will keep moving forward.
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