CDM Manages Everything From One Place

  • Organize everything you need to know on client demographics
  • Organize all your projects, contractors, client loans and work plans
  • Organize your multiple funding sources
  • Attach all your data like spreadsheets, documents, photos etc. to your CDM projects

CDM Gives You Real Time Status

  • Track all data needed to effectively manage funded activities - CDBG, HOME, NSP, revolving loan funds, weatherization funds, owner matching funds and any others
  • Track individual borrower loans, payments by principal and interest, disbursements to contractors by work plan line item and much more
  • Deliver results and plan for future development

Built-In Reports Give You Proven Accountability

  • Demonstrate accountability to management and grantors, resulting in efficient and on-going funding and sustainability of your operations
  • Be on the cutting edge when competing for granted funds

CDM Saves Time And Money

  • Reduces man hours
  • Reduces errors and duplication
  • Provides instant reports from over 200 existing options to help you meet your deadlines faster
  • Reduce dependency on spreadsheets, word processing software, other database applications, and manual record-keeping
  • Users with little or no previous computer experience are able to use the system quickly and efficiently

CDM is Flexible

  • Has the capability of a CRM, a financial application and a word processor all rolled into one
  • Multiple users manage community development projects from start to finish
  • Data and relationships are maintained between modules
  • Ability to mail merge documents for more efficient communications
  • Ability to export and import tables to or from other applications
  • Develop Custom Reports

CDM Is Scalable, Affordable And Easy To Use

  • Cursor Control offers either on-premise or on-line options that are scalable to your budget and organization size
  • CDM was built with the end user in mind

Take Control Of Your Community Development Management

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