June 2013 Update

What's happening with the New CDM?

Can you believe it's already June?  We started development of the All New CDM in February and have been making great progress.  The development is being broken into 3 major parts - 1) redesign the data structure, 2) rewrite the CDM codebase and 3) redesign the front end application

We are currently working our way through #1 and are almost complete with that portion of the project.  As some of you data junkies might be aware, CDM's data tables are very flat and contain many, many columns of data per record - this is an inefficient way to store data.  We are moving to a Microsoft SQL Server database and as such the data structure is being completely redesigned into smaller, relational data tables which will make CDM a lot more more flexible and powerful.

Shortly, we will be starting phase #2 which quite simply will be the transformation of the CDM code from Microsoft FoxPro to Microsoft .NET.  This is the intelligence conversion!  All the magic that CDM does in the background, when you create a loan, or post a payment etc is done in this layer.

Finally, we will complete the front-end or visual layer.  This is the interface that you will be seeing and interacting with while you use CDM.  This will also include the development of our new flexible reporting engine.  When we get to this stage, we will be able to start sending out screenshots so you can get a feel for what the New CDM will look like.  The plan is to keep the interface as similar to the current interface as possible, which will make the migration for you much easier.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the New CDM, please don't hesitate to email us at support@cursorcontrol.com.


CDM Security Module

Did you know CDM has an optional Security Module that you can purchase to control both access into CDM, and control which user has access to which specific module within CDM?

The security module has the following features:

1) Restrict Access Into CDM To Only Allowed Users

When you launch CDM you will be greeted with a login screen and only users with a password will be able to get into your database.


2) Restrict Access On A Module By Module Basis To Your Users

Do you have a CDM user that shouldn't be able to modify loans, or set up funding sources for example?  With the CDM Security Module, you can set user permissions on a module by module basis.  There are 3 levels of access to each module:  Full Control, Read Only, or No Access.  Set up and management of the Security Module is very simple and is all done from within CDM.


We are currently offering the CDM Security Module at 33% off through the end of summer to our existing customers. Please contact us today at support@cursorcontrol.com for more information.