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Security Module

CDM Security Module

Did you know CDM has an optional Security Module that you can purchase to control both access into CDM, and control which user has access to which specific module within CDM?

The security module has the following features:

1) Restrict Access Into CDM To Only Allowed Users

When you launch CDM you will be greeted with a login screen and only users with a password will be able to get into your database.


2) Restrict Access On A Module By Module Basis To Your Users

Do you have a CDM user that shouldn't be able to modify loans, or set up funding sources for example?  With the CDM Security Module, you can set user permissions on a module by module basis.  There are 3 levels of access to each module:  Full Control, Read Only, or No Access.  Set up and management of the Security Module is very simple and is all done from within CDM.


We are currently offering the CDM Security Module at 33% off through the end of winter 2014 to our existing customers. Please contact us today at for more information.

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